The Free & Fabulous Shameless Name Dropping Self Guided Mobile Tour of Princeton

Narrated by the owner of Princeton Tour Company, Mimi Omiecinski, guests will enjoy an overview of Princeton University history along with insider information about town tycoons, academic celebrities, political legends and, of course, Albert Einstein. The tour lasts about 1-1/2 hours if you walk the route. If you decide to simply listen, you'll learn all about Princeton in just under one hour.

How the Free & Fabulous Shameless Name Dropping Princeton Self Guided Mobile Tour Works:

Once you request the tour via email, we'll immediately reply to you with the hotlinks and directions on how to access the tour.  Please keep in mind, all residences and academic buildings are closed to the public!  Please do not ask to gain entrance.  You may view the buildings from the public sidewalk only! 

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*Includes an online Princeton trivia game guaranteed to raise your Princeton IQ and  four self guided foodie tours of Princeton:  the Dixie Pepper Amazin' Grazin' Grub Crawl of Princeton, the Epicurean Guide to Princeton - curated by Lilane Scott, the Smarty Pants Guide to Princeton Pubs and the Good Guys Complete List of Great Eats in Princeton!

*Includes valuable discounts!  10% off discount off all non-sale items at the Princeton University U-Store, 5% off non-sale items at Princeton Record Exchange, $1 off any hoagie at the famous Hoagie Haven, 10% off one item at the famous bent spoon, 10% off lunch or dinner at the historic Nassau Inn Tap Room (excluding alcohol), 10% off Princeton Pi, 10% off Massimos, 10% off Chez Alice, $1 off your first draft at Triumph Brewing Company and $1 off the first draft beer at Ivy Inn and 50% off museum entrance to Morven Museum and Gardens - just show your smartphone with the tour stops on it to the staff on the day you're touring Princeton!

This tour is created by the makers of  Princeton Tour Company, ranked the #1 Princeton Attraction on TripAdvisor and the  #1 Northeastern Tour Company by AAA Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post and Small Meetings Magazine!

Stop One

Why the King Loved Princeton The Most

Stop Two

Why the College Moved to Princeton
(and almost failed!)

Stop Three


The Guy Who Saved the College
(and inadvertently created a country club for southern boys)

Stop Four


The Guy Who Embraced the Country Club Vibe
(so he could create a world-class academic institution)

Stop Five


Woodrow Wilson
(like him or lump him, he'll transform the college)

Stop Six


How the College Will Give Up on the Country Club Set
(and become the #1 university on earth)

Stop Seven

Non-Stop Shameless Namedropping of Tiger Graduates, Prize Winners (and more!)

Stop Eight

Einstein Moved to Princeton Because Hitler Wanted to Kill Him (yep, you read that right)

Stop Nine

The Revolutionary Dining Hall of Einstein
(and tons of tigers too!)

Stop Ten

Einstein Got His Hair Cut Here

Stop Eleven

Of Course Einstein Shopped in the Oldest Cycle Shop in America (our sweetest stories about albert here)

Stop Twelve

The Largest Einstein Museum in North America is Inside a Retail Shop

Stop Thirteen

Einstein Was Born on Pi Day
(just when you think the town can't get any more darling)

Stop Fourteen

This Monument is a Bigger Deal Than You Think
(and the bell beside it is too!)

Stop Fifteen

Princeton Was the Nation's First Capitol
(and this stop was the first white house!)

Stop Sixteen

Einstein's First House
(the one no one knows about)

Stop Seventeen

Einstein's Second House
(the one everyone knows about)

Stop Eighteen

F Scott Partied Here
(why? it was the town speakeasy, silly!)

Stop Nineteen

The Private Club of the Tycoon Who Brought the Black Squirrels to Princeton

Stop Twenty

Even Our Cemetery is Guilty of Non-Stop Shameless Namedropping